Silks on the downs

Meet Our Chef - Manfred Neder

Manfred Neder

The head chef for successful Dining house, Silks on the Downs is Manfred Neder.

Manfred was born in the Alps, Bavaria Germany and went on to complete an apprenticeship at the catering college prior to joining the army.

After serving his country Manfred went on to work in several Restaurants across Europe including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Elsass, where his skills developed to high standards including the demanding levels of two Michelin Starred employers.

Finally Manfred came to the UK in 1998 and worked within several hotels and restaurants before finally settling in Wiltshire Manfred's abilities as a chef are not just influenced by his more regimented and typical training as a chef but also by the varied life he has lead and the cultures he has experienced.

Manfred has travelled the world extensively from Europe to New Zealand, with the Americas in between. One of the most poignant destinations and influences for Manfred was and still very much is, India. Not only does India, in particular North east, allow Manfred to bring the vibrant flavours and colours of India to his cuisine, but his love is further endured and kept alive as this is where Manfred met Mrs Neder. A skilled Bavarian Chef who works in a disciplined yet beautifully Asian influenced style, it is no wonder tables for his menus are hard to get.